Dean Gioia

Dean Gioia (pronounced Joya) has devoted 5 decades to interpreting the southern landscape and turning it into fine art. His focus on light and how it plays over the nooks and crannies of everyday life results in sumptuous paintings filled with an ethereal presence. The work finds its way into the human psyche, awakening memory, preserving moments and places seemingly frozen in time.
“Dean’s work transports you. Beautifully crafted with no artifice these pieces convey an intensity of feeling derived from his communion with light and paint.”

David Arrighi, Thornebrook Gallery, Gainesville, FL

What Dean says

I am here to absorb, reflect and emote. To move through seasons, time of day and dashes of light. I take notice. I vibrate with these things. I turn them back at you. Swabs of paint alive with experience. Being here is all. Record it. Share it. Love moves my hand.